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Kettle & Seed, 47 Vale St, Cooma NSW 2630
02 6452 5882
0423 232 152
Po Box 224 Cooma NSW 2630
80 128 669 947

Who are we?

Snowy Mountains Coffee is a boutique coffee roasting company located in the beautiful Alpine region of the Snowy Mountains. We roast to order to ensure you received the freshest quality coffee. You can try our coffee, the way we like to make it, at our café, Kettle & Seed.

Black Diamond Blend

Offers an intense aroma of blueberries, delicate floral notes with a mild bittersweet chocolate finish.
Awarded a Bronze Medal with the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Corduroy Blend

Offers a heavy body with caramel undertones perfect as a milk based espresso.
Awarded a Bronze Medal with the CSR Golden Bean.

Blue Bird Blend

Offers a smooth velvety caramel body with a hint of spice and a clean crisp finish.
Awarded a Silver Medal with the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Online Orders

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    • Product 250g - $12.00 1kg - $35.00 Bean or Grind
      Black Diamond
      Blue Bird
      PNG Sigri
      Indian Monsooned Malabar
      Decaf 250g - $13.00 1kg - $38.00 Bean or Grind
      Swiss Water Decaf
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